In April of 2004 we completed a 6-month, 1,850-mile traverse of Chilean Patagonia, paddling folding kayaks from Puerto Montt to Puerto Toro at the mouth of the Beagle Canal. Our self-contained and self-supported sea kayak expedition was the first to explore the full length of this spectacular coastal wilderness.

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Sea Kayak Chile Sea Kayak Chilean Sea Kayak Expedition Chilean Passage Expedition Chilean Passage Sea Kayak Expedition Puerto Montt Canal Chacao Chiloe Island Isla Chiloé Isla Chiloe Chonchi Castro Canal Apiao Canal Desertores Chaiten Golfo de Corcovado Canal Moraleda Canal Puyaguape Bahia Auchemo Bahia Tic Toc Bahia Islas Caleta Porvenir Canal Jacaf Isla Gemmel Seno Direccion Canal Puyuguapi Isla Magdalena Puerto Cisnes Seno Aysen Puerto Aisen Puerto Aisén Puerto Chacabuco Canal Costa Estero Elephantes Rio Tempanos Laguna San Rafael Istmo de Ofqui Peninsula Taitao Peninsula de Taitao Rio Negro Rio San Tadeo Isla del Diablo Abra Kelly Puerto San Salvador Seno Jesuitas Boca de Canales Golfo de Penas Golfo de Peñas Seno Baker Canal Baker Canal Martinez Tortel Estero Neff  Istmo Indio Istmo Indios Istmo de Indio Istmo de Indios Canal Farquhar Canal Messier Eden Isla Wellington Canal Wide Seno Trece Cerros Seno Fuentes Canal Andres Canal Pitt Isla Chatham Canal Sarmiento Isla Lucia Estrecho Collingwood Canal Union Seno Union Canal Santa Maria Angostura White Puerto Natales Estero Obstuccion Portage Peninsula Muñoz Gamero Seno Skyring Canal Gajardo Isla Riesco Peninsula Cordova Lago Botella Puerto Condor Canal Jeronimo Isla Santa Ines Isla Clarence Seno Pedro Canal Barbara Canal Acwalisnan Seno Dyneley Canal Cockburn Islas Kirke Peninsula Brecknock Portage Canal Brecknock Bahia Desolada Seno Alfredo Canal Pomar Alcamar Timbales Brazo Noroeste Ventisquero Italia Canal Beagle Caleta Santa Rosa Bahia Virginia Puerto Williams Isla Navarino Islas Holder Puerto Toro Alcamar Toro Cape Horn Cabo de Hornos

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