The National Outdoor Leadership School

Deer Hill Expeditions

The leader in outdoor education, NOLS is a great place to learn expedition skills and backcountry leadership both on land and on water.   Courses for all ages.

Deer Hill combines wilderness skills courses with a unique cross- cultural component giving young people an unparalleled summer educational experience.

CLC sells plans and kits for building mahogany plywood kayaks. We built ours from plans purchased in 1993. Wherever we go, our boats never fail to  draw a crowd of admirers.

Chesapeake Light Craft

NOLS Wilderness Medicine

Camp Nor’wester

Banks Fry-Bake

NWM gives hands-on instruction in the assessment and treatment of wilderness medical emergencies. This training is essential for anyone venturing into the outdoors.

An adventure summer camp for ages 9-16, Nor’wester has been providing kids with exceptional environmental and group living experiences for 75 years. 

One of the secrets to staying out for months at a time is eating well. We cook hearty meals from scratch using basic pantry ingredients.  Our Banks Fry-Bake pan makes this easy and it travels with us every time.

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