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The Rio Negro led to the Rio San Tadeo which carried us back to the sea, completing our portage of Peninsula de Taitao

All nerves we launched into Golfo de Penas—the notoriously rough open section that would be the crux of our journey.

As night approached we found our way off the water to camp on shore.....

When the Golfo de Penas was safely behind us the turbid green outflow of  Rio Baker....

But having been out for nearly 3-months we had grown accustomed to kayak life...

With our boats this heavily loaded Rob got the first of several hull punctures. Fixing it was as easy as patching a bicycle inner tube.

At the mouth of the river we found a narrow, 10-mile long sand spit where Isla del Diablo was charted—so we crossed it too.

For nearly a week we spent long days in our kayaks, paddling well outside the breakers, bobbing up and down in 18-foot swells.

....where the next day’s charts were scrutinized for every possible landing site.

....led to the tiny, roadless village of Caleta Tortel where we enjoyed a well deserved break.

....and were anxious to get back underway. Packing 40-days of food we set out for P. Natales.

Some of the beaches were so nice that we couldn’t bear to pass them by, and quitting early for the day wasn’t a problem for us.

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