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As we continued south the steep peaks that had lined the northern shore gave way to enormous, glacier-scoured granite domes.

Our north-to-south route allowed us to sail for a few miles nearly every day.

Puerto Natales is located on the eastern pampa. What a joy it was to be so dry!

By mid-March it was evident that our brief Patagonian summer was over. The amount of daylight was shortening  perceptibly

We portaged Peninsula Cordova rather than  paddle into the strong west winds that are funneled down the Estrecho de Magallanes.

We crossed the Straits of Magellan via the narrows formed at Isla Carlos III. Cabo Froward is the dark point to the South.

For eight straight days in February we enjoyed a high pressure system.  It was the only stable  weather we would experience in 6-months.

We made good friends with the family aboard “Zazie” who were traveling at our speed.

We found the portage out of Estero Obstruccion slippery but easy to follow.

The snow level was also descending to the surface, creating the perfect conditions for hypothermia. We kept moving to stay warm.

There is a fantastic beauty to this harsh and desolate environment that is unlike anything we have experienced elsewhere.

Canal Cockburn proved worthy of respect. We studied the sea conditions there for an entire day before dashing across.

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