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Our Inside Passage journey began in the icy waters of Glacier Bay, Alaska–a  spectacular mix of marine and alpine environments.

We cautiously approached Riggs glacier. Huge chunks can calve off without warning.

There were many bears along our route. This Alaska brown was foraging the shoreline of Chichagof Island as we paddled by.

Our boats held everything we needed–including food for up to 3-weeks between resupplys.

During June the Alpine Lupine and Indian Paintbrush were in full bloom...

We made camp wherever the beach and forest would allow. There was ample solitude–we shared our camp spot with others only twice.

We found bergy bits–chunks of glacial ice blocking McBride Lagoon,  making our passage by kayak impossible

Looking up inlet toward the Muir glacier–our northernmost point of the trip.

Oyster Catchers were nesting on the gravel beaches. They’ll noisily divert your attention if you approach too close to the nest.

We traversed the Tenekee Portage–the historic canoe route over Chichagof Island.

...As was the Chocolate Lily, often hidden in the tall grass.

Evenings were a quiet time to relax and  explore our surroundings.

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