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The new day begins with a stretch. We built our CLC Cape Charles kayaks from plans using 4-mm mahogany plywood and lots of epoxy.

Islands of rock dominate the north BC coast. Spanish moss drapes from the spindly cedars until they stagnate and tumble in the poor soil.

Anticipating the tide when loading our boats was a matter of trial and error. This flat, Tsimpsean Peninsula beach fooled us.

We arrived at Butedale in the fog, thoroughly soaked.  The derelict cannery on Princess Royal island was a welcome place to dry out.

The wreck of someone’s dreams sits broken on the beach. Purse-seiners, gill-netters and trawlers ply these waters in search of salmon.

It had rained  nearly the entire month of August,  but when the sun reappeared–so did our spirits!

Homemade deck-packs held our essentials within reach.  We took turns navigating using  marine charts, compass and occasionally GPS.

Karen lines her boat through Kah Shakes cove.  Searching for village remnants we found only a thicket of Devils Club and Alder.

Raindrops bounce off the water like popcorn from a lidless pan.  When it wasn’t pouring it was often raining, sprinkling or drizzling!

Perhaps the most desperate campsite of our journey–this flooded “beach” was piled high with rotting driftwood, the forest impenetrable.

Beach treasure!  A pair of Asian glass net floats found together in Ala Passage.  The fragile glass balls may have crossed the Pacific.

5-minutes with a hand-line and a “Buzz Bomb” lure was all it took to have this cod dinner in the pan.   It would be difficult to starve here.

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